Closing Down, Seminary, Prayer Request

Well, it is about time that I shut down posting on this blog. I’m coming up on the end of my second semester (first year) of seminary in which exams are in a few weeks.

This semester has been a blast as I’ve struggled my way through Hebrew (but enjoy it very much), I’ve pulled off A’s on mid-terms for both NT Introduction and Apologetics. I am also taking logic but was able to bring in credits from another institution and so I’m only required to audit it. Well, I also have to participate in a debate, in which I have to take the evidential apologetic side (aahhgg!). 🙂

Lord willing I will have OT Intro. with Dr. Shaw this summer, plus continuing to work through Greek and Hebrew – in preparation for the fall semester. In the fall I’m hoping to take: Ancient Church History (Dr. Willborn); Hebrew 2 (Dr. Shaw); Reformed Evangelism and Missions (Dr. Curto); Hermeneutics (Dr. Curto) and Prolegomena & Theology (Dr. Smith).

If there is anyone out there interested in supporting our family through seminary, we certainly could use the help at this time. You can either contact me, contact the church we are attending or contact the seminary.

Lord willing, when I am finished with my apologetics paper I will post it over at, which is also where you find me (not that I’ll be posting that often).

I am also starting (next week) to teach a class on the cults at Trinity, PCA which I do hope to post the audio online. Again the links will be found over at

I will keep the blog up (because of the resources), but will not be posting.

Thanks for hanging in there with me.


  1. SLIMJIM said,

    April 22, 2008 at 4:47 am

    Sad to hear this brother…

  2. April 23, 2008 at 3:01 pm

    […] Downs is done blogging.  He’s focusing on seminary at the moment and will no longer be posting, so while my prayers […]

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